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John Gong, Chairman

John Gong

After graduating from Shanghai University of Technology in 1985, John Gong came to the US alone with only 53 dollars in his pocket. He came to Virginia and entered George Mason University, then George Washington University for graduate study with a major in Robotics and Computer Science.

Mr. Gong didn't have time to miss his family and friends in China. He was busy attempting to survive in a new country and pay his tuition fees. At that time in China, the Reform and Opening-up Policy had just started and the domestic economy was far from developed. With help from his brother, who also was studying in the US, Mr. Gong continued his studies. He was very busy taking three graduate courses every semester, enough to make any student busy. Due to these pressures, along with academic pressures and missing his family and friends, young Mr. Gong thought about giving up many times. But his strong faith encouraged him: "Keep on! Just keep on!" John Gong told himself that he could make is as others have done before him. Chinese have an old saying: "God helps those who help themselves." Mr. Gong finally got his Master's degree in Robotics and Computer science with straight A's in the whole program.

Initially Mr. Gong worked as a system engineer, and had to do many projects across the US regularly. With this, he had some opportunities to work with different clients. With his accumulating experience, Mr. Gong developed his ability in sales and would often obtain more orders for larger projects for his company. He won the satisfaction and appreciation from his boss. Gradually his position as a system engineer shifted towards a successful sales position, then a further management position. Within a few years, Mr. Gong served as the general manager of the western region of Matsushita and was the general manager of the Asian Pacific region of US ENTIVITY Co., Ltd.

With more experience in the workplace, Mr. Gong found the value of founding his own business. He found the shortcomings in the management of the companies he had worked for and applied this knowledge to make his company perform better. So Mr. Gong built up his first company in the US, ICP DAS USA Inc. He managed his own career from then on. The company mainly produces automation controllers, but Mr. Gong's business nowadays has spread to many other fields and areas. His products cover all of the US and also reach Central and South America. In addition to high-tech enterprises, Mr. Gong has also achieved success in the real estate and restaurant business.

At the same time, Mr. Gong is also devoted in community services and public welfare affairs. He has served as the ISA president of Orange County in 1997. ISA is a large global association of 50,000 members mostly consisting of engineers and professional managers. In addition, Mr. Gong also took part in the Rotary Club, Lions Club and other business associations. From various business and social activities, Mr. Gong made friends with many well-known entrepreneurs and politicians. He is highly respected by the local government.

Now, John Gong never forgets about his motherland and people. He always works hard to promote friendship and communication between China and the US. Mr. Gong will continue with his successful business and make more contributions to the China-US economy and trading relations in the future.

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